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Strategic Profile

PT remains committed to a cost, operational, financial and strategic discipline, aiming at focusing on the development of its resources in its core businesses and in its core regions, Portugal, Brazil and Africa. PT established five new medium-term objectives:
 - To grow in scale
 - To increase its exposure to international operations
 - To lead consumer market in convergence and enterprise market in ICT
 - To become a top tier reference in technology, customer experience and operational effectiveness in the sector
 - To be a reference in terms of sustainability.

PT's geographic positioningPT is an international operator focused in three main geographies, Portugal, Brazil and Africa. In addition, PT also has investments in Asia, namely in Macao and East Timor, as at 31 December 2012. PT serves more than 100 million customers worldwide and generates 58.4% of its 2012 revenues outside Portugal, including 53.3% from Brazil.

In the Portuguese market, PT is a customer-oriented company focused on innovation and execution, managing its business along customer segments with a cross functional collaboration to deliver the best customer experience. PT has clear priorities to create value in all customer segments, leveraging its unique assets. PT’s key priority on the business-to-consumer market will be to explore convergence to grow market share based on simplicity, convenience and value-for-money. While convergence is the key priority on the consumer side, PT will strive to conclude the transformation of its consumer business in each segment. In the residential segment through bundled offers leveraging on an advanced Pay-TV service that already enabled the inflection of the historical downward trend in the wireline business and triple-play leadership. In the personal segment, PT will continue moving towards a more simple and easy tariff structure and will continue to explore the data opportunity

On the business-to-business market PT’s key priority is to increase penetration of IT/IS services (cloud, outsourcing and BPO), thus increasing relevance of its relationship with business prioritiesbusiness customers. In order to achieve this, PT developed and implemented a three-tier approach to the B2B market:

  1. Residential+ customers, with an offering based on convergent voice and broadband;
  2. Connected+ customers, served mainly with multi-employee connectivity services, including mobility solutions for itinerant employees, and simple software solutions,
  3. Integrated+ customers, served with a full range of telecommunications and technological services such as unified communications, outsourcing of ICT services, application integration, M2M and specific IT/IS solutions, business process outsourcing and IT consultancy. 

Key feature in this last segment is providing an end-to-end approach to customers by supporting their IT transformation. 

At an international level, PT is focused on improving the operational performance of its assets and on the sharing of best practices across the various businesses. The expansion of international operations to multiple geographies is one of the most important catalysts of value creation in the telecommunications sector and PT has built a relevant portfolio of international operations.

Last Update: 29 Apr 2013